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Offer a moment of relaxation!

Getaway to Dån Tiån

Get away from everyday life with your friends, family or colleagues by offering yourself a unique and festive moment of wellness.

parti Teapot
Chai épicé

Privatize the place

For a special and delightful experience

In the program:

* Tasting of the tea or herbal of the moment

* Massage: 20min per person
~head, back, face or foot reflexology~

1 hour
from 2 to 6 people

from 100 €

An event to celebrate, a dedicated break with colleagues. In truth all occasions are good for taking care of yourself! Trust us!

Privatiser l'espace

Business format

Are you sensitive to your employees' health ?

Do you want a healthy, dynamic and serene atmopshere for them?

Do you feel convinced of the importance of preventive care?
Allow your cooperators to regain vitality and serenity, thanks todeep relaxation.

20-minute massage series
for a real break
A relaxation therapy session
to learn many relaxation tools
you can use any time
A Vinyasa yoga session
for your team's vitality and cohesion!


from 500 €

A regular partnership enables
* deep relaxation and immediate satisfaction!
  long-term support for well-being.
Let's create "a well-being pack" together for an intervention directly at your office!

Let's talk about it!

Classe de méditation
Service en entreprise
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