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Our sur-mesure massages

Everyone can use a massage to enjoy a real break and sustain wellness over time.

Traditional Thai massage

Lie down on a futon, dressed comfortably. Breathe to the rhythm of your therapist's stretches, pressures and progressive twists. This is a real journey! This Thai massage is gentle, deep and preventive​. It facilitates the release of tensions, your blood and lymph circulation and your mobility.
Very effective in calming the nervous system.
60min to 90min recommended. From 70 €

Monday to Sunday

On appointment

Oil massages

This treatment with organic vegetable oils (allied with essential oils and/or perfume on demand) will be performed on a massage table.
It relieves you from everyday ailments.
Enveloping and very relaxing, with more or less pressure, it can also be invigorating if you want an energizing treatment such as an Ayurvedic massage.
The oil massage, combined with the scents you choose provide deep well-being.
30min, 60min, 90min or 120min. From € 35



Pregnancy massage

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Carried out with vegetable and organic oils, (no essential oil). Recommended during pregnancy, it helps the body to transform and relieve the pain associated with these changes. From three months the mother can receive this massage, also very appreciated by the baby. The care evolves with the needs of the mother.
Still little offered in Paris, this massage is in great demand with us.
60min to 1h30 , from € 70 

On reservation from Monday to Friday



Thai reflexology


Thai reflexology makes it possible to contact all the organs of the body from the reflex points of the arch of the foot.

It is exerted by marked pressure with the tips of the fingers or a wooden stylus on specific points, called reflex points, which each correspond to a specific organ, gland or part of the body.
We work the lower leg and the feet as a whole for deep relaxation, supporting your vitality and anchoring.

60min to 90min. from 70 €


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Our consultations

Here are the consultations presented at Dan Tian to support you on a daily basis.

Personne fille femme d'été


Painful events create division in the psyche, and parts of ourselves are pushed aside. Starting with a verbal exchange based on listening and no analysis nor advice, Emeline helps you open up and meet what calls within you for recognition and rehabilitation.
As you acknowledge the emotions and sensations you have experienced, without having to reactivate the traumatic memories, you reconcile yourself step by step with everything that you are and have been.
1h30 to 2h session. € 90

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays or Fridays
At 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.

Learn more: 0664905169


Based on breathing and the awareness of the body diagram, it aims at Body-Spirit harmony and considers the person as a whole for a better management of emotions. The main subjects of sophrology are stress management, recovery, sleep, preparation for events (public speaking, auditions, competitions), concentration and also pain management, tinnitus, childbirth, etc.

Individual session € 60
Small group workshop € 20
(see our packages at the end of the page)
Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Learn more: 0603558696
more info on Do's website



Our workshops

Discover the experience of taking care of yourself. Learn the right actions to improve your daily life.

Professeur de danse moderne

Body mobility with Maud

One hour of somatic or physical practice to improve your understanding of your body.

Explore, enjoy, relax, exercise gently, play, rest, breathe, let go and escape.

You will learn some tools to create your daily routine. For exploring in class and to practicing at home.

Small group workshop € 18

see the packages at the end of the page


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Yoga Vinyasa with Jaan

This fluid and dynamic yoga is invigorating and regenerating.
The class begins with breathing exercises, a targeted warm-up and sun salutations.
It continues with the practice of postures, first standing and then on the ground. The postures are linked together by a sequence called vinyasa. The course ends with relaxation.

Mondays 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. & Thursdays 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.
Small group workshop € 18,
(see our packages at the end of the page)

Anatomy and dance
with Susy Cheteau

Organic dance workshops
2h30 session


During these workshops, we will explore several areas of the human body in order to understand the articular, muscular, and bio-mechanical realities. From the floor to your verticality, in a small group of five, we will seek to restore space, to make movement efficient and more harmonious with the physiology of each person. Understand movement in order to become autonomous. Listen to yourself on a daily basis.

Saturday 2 October 10 am-12.30pm:
- The art of folding up

Saturday 23 October 10 am-12.30pm:
- Your spine linked to space.

Saturday 13 November 10 am-12.30pm:
- The chains crossed in the spiral approach.

Saturday 27 November 10 am-12.30pm:
- The action of the perineum in balancing.

Saturday 18 December 10 am-12.30pm:
- Touch and intention in the dance movement.

Small group workshop € 25

More info about Susy


Parent-baby massage

Take some time with your child with techniques accessible to all! Baby massage is an ancestral practice with multiple virtues. It improves the growth and development of your little one, allows you to comfort and relax them and strengthen your bonds. Learn to read their signals, understand your child, communicate and deal with his moods and pains. It is also a time to relax, interact with other parents and learn gradually.

Workshops start in September
with Maud
Limited to 4 people / family

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