A small island in

a pretty Goutte-d'Or


Dån Tiån is a lively place, where you will find diverse and complementary practices. Massages, somatic practices, sophrology, maieusthesia, but also ephemeral courses and workshops to support your daily well-being.


Space in video

followed by a massage tutorial!


• Traditional Thai massages on futon.

• Massages with oils, tonics or relaxants.

• Massages for pregnant women.
Thai reflexology

Massage is an ancestral art with multiple virtues.

It accompanies the relaxation of the body and the spirit.

Everyone is unique and each massage is second to none.

Therapeutic practices

• Sophrology

• Maieusthesia

• Therapy for hyperactive children, integration of reflexes, physical and mental support

Our therapists work together to offer you a complete set of treatments.

Well-being workshops

• Body mobility workshop

Understand your body, its mobility and improve it, take care of yourself gently. D extend your mind with peace of mind. Gently come to dancing and free movement.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

• Parent-baby workshop

An ancestral ritual with multiple virtues, baby massage improves the growth and development of the child, reassures him and helps strengthen the bond with his parents.

Discover the Dån Tiån space

Meet our team

Our associate therapists await you at the Goutte d'Or,

in the 18th arrondissement of Paris.


Well-being masseuses, sophrology or maieusthesia practitioners, as many areas as there are ways of taking care of you.


Somatic practice

A few stretching sessions on the floor, preceded by a time of meditation, which gently mobilize the joints, to the rhythm of breathing.

Inner calm, bodily and mental well-being were my feelings. To discover and adopt ... with your eyes closed! Maud's quiet voice accompanies you to yourself.

Annie pedersen

Thai massage

"I recommend the services of Lucila Sol and her know-how. Beyond a great knowledge of
body and the best massage movements, his kindness and his listening made me live a
real moment of well-being.

Théophile - actor

Thai massage

"I was in pain after a long flight and Maud helped me with the Thai massage. The movements of the treatment tense the muscles of the hips and legs (the most painful parts at this time), so I will sleep better tonight! In any case it's a great initiative "

Lydia - Communication Officer


Massage is a journey, a sacred moment, for oneself, a deep breath.  

We make it a point of honor to be available and to listen to you

Dån Tiån

8ter rue Affre, 75018


Paris Metro 2, 4, La Chapelle,

Barbès Rochechouart, Gare du Nord

RER B, D, E, H


Phone: 06 09 71 02 76


Monday to Sunday, by reservation.